Video testimonials ...
Griffin Hall (KS)
Matthew McElroy (NM)
Dave Reynolds (NM)
Rick Valera (NM)
Anne Wallace (ESU)
Chris Zewe (Pittsburgh)

A few words from our students …

“This far exceeded my expectations — this is the kind of school I had always imagined would be really wonderful, but until now I didn't think possible or realistic.”
Sandy Smith, California session

“The instructors are experts in their field and help to produce rapid results and focused instruction.”
Craig Copeland, Kentucky session

“I look forward to attending every year. One thing that will boost a piper to another level is to attend this Balmoral School of Piping and Drumming. It’s a great experience!”
Heather Foote, Illinois session

“This was great. My police department sent me and it was time well spent. They got their money's worth.”
James Miller, Pennsylvania session

“The instructors were great as always. The people were awesome, the concert amazing!”
Kip Morais, California session

“My instructors really tuned into the mistakes I was making and why I was making them … patient and pleasant … able to provide music and lessons at my level and challenging as well.”
Julie Lowe-Sanchez, Illinois session

“The students were grouped by ability so everyone felt comfortable. Students were given the opportunity to play at their level and given constructive feedback. It was evident that the teachers love what they do and want to help others do well.”
Stacy Lewis, Pennsylvania session

“They pushed us in small bites, challenging but not out of reach — truly understanding.”
Mike Bench, California session

“Patient and understanding with beginners, informal and low-key, and positive encouragement toward accuracy.”
Dave Owens, Kentucky session

“The school definitely helped me to become a much better piper.”
Luke Bell, Pennsylvania session

“My lesson was an epiphany — my instructor put his finger precisely on what I needed to do to improve. Great to have plenty of time on the pipes in class!”
Anne Marie deZeeuw, Kentucky session

“Each of the instructors concentrated on different things, which makes for a well-rounded program.”
Erin Berta, California session student

“Small classes, variety of styles, excellent instructors. I was able to gain a lot from these remarkable pipers.”
Annette Huddle, California session

“I liked the way in which my instructor's depth of understanding of the music and enthusiasm for the correct styling inspired better play and the thirst to improve playing.”
Mark Welborn, Kentucky session

The small classes made it easier to get questions answered. The music book was excellent. The instructors were top-notch with exceptional qualifications, each one different in his teachings.”
Don Saraceno, California session

“From the individual attention to the basic fundamentals of drum maintenance, this was a well-rounded education — all in 4 ½ days.”
Gwyneth Duncan, California session

The expert instruction and insight given by the instructors was excellent. It is evident that they all really care and want you to progress.”
Albert Herrera, Pennsylvania session

“Excellent knowledge, top rate. Don’t change a thing or anyone.”
David Dailey, Pennsylvnia session

“It was one of the most memorable piping experiences I had. It certainly helped make me the player I am today. Excellent atmosphere for a beginner, intermediate or advance player.”
Mike Maloney, Pennsylvania session

“I really enjoy the workshops because the instructors are so good and because it's so much fun to get to spend a whole week playing pipes with other people who enjoy it as much as I do. Alasdair has helped me with my fingering and has taught me new tunes and John's helped me with my piobaireachd and both of them have helped me get better with my competition tunes. I know what a privilege it is to be able to have lessons with these kinds of pipers with only two or three of us in the class. I know I've still got a long way to go with my piping, but I wouldn't be as far as I am now without Balmoral.”
Nick Theriault, California session student

A few words from others …

“The Balmoral Schools are run the way piping schools should be run.”
Iain McLellan, Pipe Major of the 12-time world champion Strathclyde Police Pipe Band

A few words about the Balmoral Classic, too …

“Events like the Classic help keep this traditional art alive.”
Pittsburgh City Paper

“The Balmoral Classic helped to promote Pittsburgh’s place in the piping world, while entertaining pipers and non-pipers alike.”
The Tartan