Drumming Students

In addition to classes, what else is held during the session?

Orientation for everyone is held Sunday afternoon. Following that, students will be in brief meetings with the instructors to determine which class to go into. A highlight of the week is a Thursday evening concert by the instructors which is also open to the public. There are two special dinners for all students and staff: the Sunday welcoming dinner and the Thursday pre-concert dinner. During the week, there may be an opportunity for off campus activity. The week's session ends Friday noon.

How many hours of instruction do students get each day in class?

Morning and afternoon classes Monday through Thursday, a class on Friday morning, and a two-hour evening workshops. There is also one hour of massed band practice Monday through Wednesday.

Are all of the classes offered at all of the campuses?

Only Highland pipes, snare, tenor and bass drum are offered at all sessions. Smallpipes is offered at sessions in Pennsylvania with George Balderose. Fiddle is offered at the East Stroudsburg session in 2015.

Will you be offereing classes in other types of piping?

Let us know what you would like. We're open to it if we can get enough students to show definite interest. Let us know of others, too, who share your interest in such a class.

Do you offer private lessons to supplement classes?

Sometimes. Please check with your class instructor. That may depend on how much time your instructor has during the session. One-on-ones are scheduled at the end of the week at most sessions.

Are private rooms available on campus at the sessions?

Yes, for a modest fee in addition to the regular room and board rate. The availability of private rooms is limited, so the earlier you enroll, the more likely you can reserve one. The private room add-on fees are $100 per week

Is financial assistance available?

There are several ways. You save $50 with early registration. You save $50 if you are taking a class with your band. You save on room and board if you stay off campus. A limited number of scholarships are available.

Will practice rooms be available?

Yes. Practice rooms for individual use are made available to students at no additional charge, along with plenty of outdoor space for practice, too.

What do I need to bring to the session?

Your instrument, of course. Kilts and Highland attire are suggested, but not required, for events such as class photos and public concerts. A recording device is recommended.